Canada's Podcast

Canada's Podcast

Canada’s Podcast (CP) was created out of a need to build a national brand podcast network for business that had a regional and national focus. To create a network and community for entrepreneurs and business owners so they can have one location to find out and connect with like-minded people across the country. Listen and now you can find out what’s going on in each major Canadian city all in one place.

CP is managed and run by experienced entrepreneurs who saw the need to create a national podcast for entrepreneurs. The team at Perceptible Group, the media company behind the network, are highly knowledgeable in the Canadian digital marketing arena and have combined their vast networks and skills to bring Canada this unique and progressive thinking and approach to connecting via a national voice. CP is also a great way for sponsors and advertisers to connect with this dynamic and influential audience.

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Rain Bird


Rainbird is an AI-powered automation platform that is made up of two crucial parts.

The Editor… an easy-to-use modelling interface

The Runtime… a powerful reasoning engine

Key features

Rainbird is an AI-powered automated decision-making platform. It goes beyond other rules engines that can only make simple decisions, and limited 'black box' machine learning that can't explain - 'why'. Because it can do the following functions:

  • It can reason. Rainbird’s flexible rule engine can cope with uncertainty and missing data by ‘connecting the dots’ to answer queries.
  • It links knowledge. The platform drives smarter decision-making by enabling semantic links between different Rainbird knowledge maps.
  • It provides evidence. Rainbird provides an audit trail for every decision – which is a key differentiator to machine learning.
  • It interacts like a human. When users interact with Rainbird, its ai engine ensures that subsequent questions are considered in context, just like human interactions.
  • It has open architecture. Rainbird Knowledge Maps can be quickly connected to external data sources.
  • It has one-click publishing. You can quickly publish a chatbot that anyone can use to diagnose problems, obtain advice or solve problems.
Sectors that are using Rainbird.

Rainbird models human reasoning, and applies it wherever there are pressured, time-intensive and complex decisions to be made. It provides an audit trail for every decision, making it ideally suited to any regulated industry. So far we’ve transformed outcomes in finance, banking, automotive, health, retail, and law

Banking & Finance. Banking is going online. The widespread modern consumer demand for seamless omnichannel experiences has engendered a widespread technological leap forward for financial institutions.

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Social Boost

Smart businesses are going social and deploying digital marketing

SocialBoost is a valuable part of Perceptible’s marketing-as-a service offering. It puts you in control of your campaigns with the added benefit of getting skilled advice on your strategies, content and digital marketing distribution plans.

Our automated system does it all for you

We've taken out all the guesswork and made marketing on Facebook and other platforms quick and easy! Finally, with Social Boost you can now advertise to key audiences on social media in a snap and set up automated schedules so you don't have to worry about the maintenance of running Facebook campaigns. Yup, your marketing life just got a whole lot better.

Digital Marketing in 3 Easy Steps
  1. Create It. Our simple-to-use technology helps you to create stunning videos in minutes with your mobile phone.
  2. Share It. Videos can then be uploaded to social media in a matter of seconds to be shared with thousands of potential buyers
  3. Boost It. SocialBoost also gives you the ability to boost your video to a target audience without ever leaving our site.

Take a look at how SocialBoost helps over 350,000 real estate agents. 


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Edge Computing Association

Edge Computing Association

The Edge Computing Association (ECA) has been established as a result of the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT). Technology is experiencing a great change in the way that active data is processed and stored. In reality the most powerful IoT device we own are phones, tablets and notebooks. And these IoT devices are the new edge computing tools that we use today. The Edge Computing Association is a resource and, we hope, a movement to help us all better understand the edge of technology and maximize its potential. We are gathering opinions, providing education and learning and building an active community that thinks at the edge of the network and engages the edge crowd to listen up and be heard. The team at Perceptible Group hope that ECA will a place to connect, learn and engage with linke mided people and organizations.

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